Get A New Poem On Your iPhone Every Day

You’ve got tons of eBooks on your iPhone, of course, but how much poetry have you got on there? Well, it’s time to change that. The Academy of American Poets teamed up with App developer TextTelevision to create Poem Flow, an app that delivers a fresh poem to your iPhone every day.

Poem Flow has been going since February, delivering poems by the likes of Ezra Pound, Sara Teasdale and Emily Dickinson, among other classic poets. The app pushes a new poem to your iPhone every day, and keeps the previous days’ poems archived on your phone. And the app designers made sure to be sensitive to poetry readers’ expectations in terms of preserving the poets’ original liniation.

Poetry lovers have been craving a platform that preserves the intricate page formatting–reading poetry on Kindle, for instance, sucks. This app isn’t a poetry eReader so much as a curated, time-delayed ongoing anthology, but perhaps it will point the way toward one…