Get A Job At NPR: Use LinkedIn And Twitter

Lars Schmidt, director of talent acquisition at NPR, spoke with SmartBrief on Social Media about how he finds talent.

He says he uses LinkedIn “regularly to find talent and grow my network.”

He also says that following @NPRjobs will bring you about 20% jobs and 80% “useful information”—links, funny videos, whatever builds community among the account’s followers. We just checked it out and the ratio is more like 10%, but surely it varies from day to day.

Another resource worth checking out is NPR’s #PubJobs hashtag, which the talent acquisition folks just launched a few weeks ago and is meant to be used with jobs from NPR, American Public Media, PBS and more.

Schmidt’s piece seems to be speaking more to other recruiters than jobseekers, so there’s little meat here about what to do once you’ve connected with Schmidt on social channels. Also because of the recruiter focus, we’re also a little unsure whether NPR is actively recruiting on all the channels mentioned in this paragraph:

While LinkedIn may be the most well known, there is an abundance of other platforms that also help recruiters identify and engage talent. Twitter is a great resource. Facebook has a lot of potential as a recruiting platform. Tools like Branch Out and Monster’s Be Known have great potential for providing more useful ways to leverage your Facebook network. There are other sites like Quora, Namesake and Focus that are really valuable places to find subject matter experts. Good recruiters are using these platforms every day to identify, engage and begin building relationships with candidates — before they even consider working for your company.

Actually, Schmidt seems to have stopped using Quora earlier this year. Focus, on the other hand, seems to be an account he just activated. So we’re fairly sure this is a list for other recruiters, not necessarily jobseekers. If you’re looking for an NPR job, so far you can feel safe in sticking with the biggies: LinkedIn and Twitter.