Get A First Look At The CW’s “Life Unexpected” Through Facebook

Fans of the CW network Facebook page will be able to catch an exclusive preview of the new series “Life Unexpected” on Jan. 11, a week before the series premiere is set to air. According to a post at Broadcasting & Cable, the 10-minute preview will stream through the CW fan page, and is only available to fans of the network.

CW’s Facebook page has around 70,000 fans, and there doesn’t appear to be any information on the page about the upcoming preview. There is already some buzz surrounding “Life Unexpected,” however, as the pilot episode was well received by critics and fans. A few discussions and wall posts are present across the page as fans get ready for the launch of the series. Broadcasting & Cable states that the CW will also be cross-promoting the preview on their Web site, and the network is currently pushing the new program pretty hard through video clips and the show’s own landing page.

Networks are starting to turning to Facebook for exclusive content and early looks at their on-air programs. The most notable instance was NBC running the entire first episode of the new comedy “Community” before the show was aired on the network. Other networks are taking advantage of the interactivity of Facebook for their programs, such as TNT’s use of Connect to allow fans to make comments during last year’s NBA All-Star Game. The CW is also planning to allow fans to post comments around the airing of “Life Unexpected” for the first 24 hours following the preview.