Get a Clue, Use Crowds

I’m at AlwaysOn NYC enjoying some rapid-fire presentations from CEOs featured in the AlwaysOn 100. Of the hundred, Cluepedia is one of fifteen “community platform” companies. For our buck, this is the area worthy of the PR industry’s curiosity.

We can’t easily live-blog about Cluepedia in depth, but we can tell you CEO David Saad used every second of his 5 minutes on stage with his jargon-free explanation and Willy Wonka enthusiasm. He is either a natural or has a terrific media coach.

“We’re the most viewed page at, the American Idol for entrepreneurs,” according to Saad’s talk.

According to the site, “Beyond rating, reviewing, or even blogging, it’s about influencing. If you want to become an influencer whose opinion is spread like wildfire, create your clues in Clupedia – the encyclopedia of clues from crowds.”

You can’t swing a strategic cat these days without hitting a PR exec talking about the power of community generated content and the wisdom of crowds. Every year new means of communication crop up and its a wise bet to learn how the information and ideas propagate within and in turn, reach the mainstream media.

We’re in favor taking new technology for a spin. The most you’ll lose it time away from American Idol, the least you’ll gain is a bit of vocab and an anecdote for that next ubergeek new business meeting.

Of course everything you want to know about the wisdom of crowds can be found on Wikipedia.