Get A Better Handle On Android Power Consumption

The majority of the time my Nexus One running build FRF50 of Android 2.2 gets through the day on a single battery charge. Unfortunately I do have to pay more attention to the battery life than I would like, and I find that Android’s battery indicator provides marginal information. Today I discovered the free Battery Left Widget that not only shows the percentage of battery life left, but translates that into an amount of time.
You actually get two widgets when you install Battery Left, a smaller 1×1 and larger 2×1 widget, both that display the same information only in different sizes. Besides the information the widget displays on the home screen, you see even more information when you tap the widget.
Included in the additional information is usage details that show you what is consuming the most battery life. For example, right now the display is responsible for 63% of the battery consumption on my Nexus One. Earlier in the day the Wi-Fi radio was consuming the most power. The usage report will also show applications that consume power, and for example I saw that Newsrob was consuming a noticable amount of power and since I haven’t been using it much, I decided to uninstall it.
When you first install the widget the battery time display will not be accurate, and the software developer states that it will take a few recharge cycles before the widget will calibrate itself. It is nice that the widget has a very obvious indicator showing that the reading is currently inaccurate.
I have the 1×1 Battery Left Widget on my main home screen, and I am finding it to be a very useful widget. You will find the Battery Left Widget for free in the Android Market.