Get 65,000 Free 19th Century Fiction eBooks!

Clear your calendar–you’ve got 65,000 free books to read. According to Pocket Lint, The British Library is about to make that many books of 19th Century fiction available as free eBooks.

According to The Telegraph, “Owners of the
Amazon Kindle e-book device will be able to view the books, including their original typeface and illustrations, of famous works by Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy, as well as thousands of more obscure authors.” It’s not clear from this article whether only UK Kindle owners will have access, but we’ll look into it. Pocket Lint says “It’s not clear yet where the books will be available from,” and presumably they mean in the US.

POD print copies of these editions will be available from Amazon for 15 pounds. That’s pretty cool. Plus, 40% of these titles are unavailable in other libraries.