Get 10 Twitter Followers in 20 Seconds

Since most of us do not have the “popularity” of Ashton Kutcher or Oprah Winfrey,the masses struggle to amass an embarrassing number of Twitter followers.

A new free service, Twit Pro Quo, hopes to level the playing field. When you log in you will be issued 10 new people to follow. In return, you are added into a queue where a future person who signs up will be asked to follow you.

Enter your e-mail (optional) and be notified when you have received your reciprocated follows.

To use the system you are forced to Tweet the fact that you are using the tool AND follow the TPQ people.

“Quid pro quo” is a Latin term that loosely translates to “something for something.”

Twenty seconds of your time can yield you several new followers. I’ve tested it out and am now going to monitor to see if my “random” new followers will stick.

Using the site multiple times in a row can certainly be a turn-off to the your current followers, so proceed with caution.

An advanced feature of the site allows you to create a custom referral link. This is useful if you have multiple Twitter accounts to promote, or would like to link to the service from outside your Twitter profile.

Here are some tips from their site:

1. Use our service regularly, but don’t be a spammer
We recommend that you use our service at least once per day, depending on how quickly you are expended from the queue. The key to this, however, is to ensure that you are posting enough content to your Twitter updates so that our messages aren’t the most frequently appearing ones! Remember, nothing replaces the need for you to engage your Twitter following with your own content. A sure way to get unfollowed is to spam your profile.

2. Change the wording of your messages
Post unique and enticing messages about our service to your Twitter updates instead of repeating the same message over and over again. We offer several different pre-written messages for you to use, but don’t forget to add your own flare to them. If people see that you are posting the same message repeatedly, then you might be labeled as a spammer and lose followers. This goes back to the concept of keeping your followers engaged.

3. Experiment with the time of day
It has been reported that your messages have the greatest chance of being viewed during Twitter’s peak usage times. Typically during business hours on week days. But we recommend that you space out your messages so that the widest variety of people will receive them. Remember, some use their computer primarily during the business day, while others go online in the evenings and weekends. Switching up the time of day increases your chances of having more people read your messages.

Let us know what you thing of the service in the comments section below.

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