Gesture Lock Picking or Oily Fingertips Lead to Droid Security Issues

Interesting security problem apparently involving only the Motorola Droid running Android 2.0.1…

(TechCrunch) Security Flaw Makes It Easy To Bypass Verizon Droid Screen Lock

Here’s what is involved:

1. Droid user sets up screen gesture lock mechanism (a good thing, btw)
2. Someone gets physical control of your Droid
3. Droid receives an incoming voice call
4. Person with your phone presses the back button
5. Person is at your home screen without pressing your security gesture pattern

Another way that doesn’t require waiting for an incoming phone call depends on whether or not you clean your Android phone (Droid or other models) screen reasonably frequently. The finger oil pattern of your unlock gesture may be visible on the screen as a finger tip oil pattern.