Gertz Ordered To Testify

From the NY Sun:

    A leading reporter on the national security beat, William Gertz of the Washington Times, has been ordered to appear before a federal judge next month to identify the sources for a news article about the prosecution of a Chinese spy ring based in southern California.

    Judge Cormac Carney, who sits in Santa Ana, Calif., has subpoenaed Mr. Gertz to testify on June 13 about his sources for a 2006 story in which he described new charges expected to be filed against an engineer who worked for American defense contractors, Chi Mak, as well as several of his relatives. New indictments were filed in the case, largely, but not entirely, as the article predicted.

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UPDATE: Also, via Mike Allen’s Playbook:

    The Washington Times announces it’s smartly going six days a week starting next week, turning the little-read Saturday edition into an electronic-only product.

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