“Gerth blames NY Times editors for Whitewater ‘mistakes'”

From Eric Boehlert:

    Former New York Times reporter Jeff Gerth has often been criticized for the reporting he did on Whitewater during the Clinton years — reporting that prompted federal authorities to launch several fruitless investigations. Now, Gerth is finally offering up some clues about his past work. They can be found in the pages of the new Hillary Clinton book that Gerth co-authored, Her Way, a prepublication copy of which was obtained by Media Matters for America.

    Be prepared to be disappointed, though. Gerth makes little effort to answer his critics in detail. He simply offers off some scapegoats and, when possible, buries his previous blunders.

    In one key instance, Gerth actually points his finger at Times editors who have steadfastly defended his work in the past and blames them for nearly ruining his Whitewater expose. Gerth claims that editors, without his knowledge, rewrote his first and best-known Whitewater article and saddled it with factual errors. The unsettling revelation, buried in a Her Way endnote, raises even more questions about Gerth, the Times, and their Whitewater misadventure.

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