Gerry Sandusky Wants His Name Back!

If there’s one name on the planet that you don’t want right now, it’s that of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Although dinner party banter with it could be quite a hoot — no, not that Jerry Sandusky!

Gerry Sandusky (stress the G) wrote on Twitter this weekend, “I really do appreciate those of you who have helped me inform the world of the powerful difference between the letter G and the letter J.” This Sandusky is a sportscaster for WBAL in Baltimore and the radio voice of the Ravens. His name has garnered him previous media attention in the Sandusky scandal. Read Esquire‘s story from back in November of 2011 and a brief in The Baltimore Sun. His Twitter bio reads: “I am Gerry with a G. Baltimore sportscaster. No relation to the former Penn State coach. Views expressed are my own. Baltimore, Maryland USA.”

FBDC spoke with Sandusky by phone this afternoon and it sounds like this Gerry is still in shock. How is he feeling about his name and what has life been like as of late? “I can’t really imagine it, it’s really that bizarre,” he said. “At times I wake up and feel like it’s just a dream. You go through your life and you build a good name and someone else hijacks it and runs it off a cliff. You can’t help but wonder, what is the deeper meaning to it?”

Asked if he now feels strange when he says his name, Sandusky says, “I’m still very proud of my name. When I say my name I think of my mom and my dad and how much I love them. What I do have a lot of experience with is the second I say my name it is like I have taken someone by the lapels and shaken them. They’re just completely taken off guard by the name.”

This weekend he raised eyebrows. Sandusky went to New York City where he and his family ate in an Indian restaurant in Greenwich Village where there’s a dish so hot that if you eat it you get a certificate and your name on the wall. Sandusky, being a spice aficionado, ate the dish. When he told them his name he became instantly famous or rather, infamous. “Within five minutes they gave me a certificate and shared the name with everyone in the place,” said Sandusky, who isn’t quite laughing about all this.

Life did grant him one small favor. “Thank God he’s a J and I’m a G,” he said. “Believe me, it has made all the difference. Every story has a shelf life. That name that sounds like mine is attached to a heinous crime. In another month some other story will be much bigger than this.”