German Journalist Ignites Anti-Sexism Debate On Twitter

Laura Himmelreich tweeted her discomfort with the alleged sexual harassment she faced and German citizens are going berserk.


The person she accused was just named chief candidate for Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) . . . and she waited a year before saying anything.

Oh and because a good number of German men (and women) seem to be pretty damn sexist – if Twitter is any indication.

Deutsche Welle (DW) reports the “trigger was [the] journalist’s revelation that she had received a rather dubious compliment from Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) politician Rainer Brüderle at an official event. He told her that her chest could “definitely also fill out a dirndl,” referring to a traditional dress worn in southern Germany, typically with a low neckline.”

She tweeted about her discomfort and asked other women to share their own stories, tagging it with #Aufschrei (outcry).

Many, MANY women have tweeted their own outcries since – though the hashtag has been pretty overrun by folks ridiculing or dismissing them now. It’s pretty sad.

But regardless, it has started quite the debate! Even The New York Times picked it up. And man, is Himmelreich ever getting skewered at home for tweeting this out.

One favorite post we came across is one titled, Dann mach doch die Bluse zu! Google Translate puts that as “But then close your blouse!” And it’s written by a woman. It’s an interesting read, check it out.

The New York Times puts it best: “But the comments of many men [and women] who weighed in on Twitter reflected the heart of the problem. While there were voices of support, and even shame, at times the number of provocateurs making light of the debate overshadowed those voicing sympathy.”

And FYI, “According to the Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, 58 percent of German women say they have been subjected to sexual harassment, with more than 42 percent of the cases happening on the job.”

But I’m sure those reporting were just hysterical or something.

(Woman with megaphone image from Shutterstock)