Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Tries Selling Off a Painting of Its Own

All of the sudden, the end of 2010 seems to be a hot time to sell off Georgia O’Keeffe paintings. In an interesting turn of events, the O’Keeffe Museum in Sante Fe, New Mexico, which also helps look after the artist’s estate, has decided to sell off one of its highly valuable pieces, Canna Red and Orange. This comes a year after the museum lost a case trying to stop Fisk University from selling off their large collection of the artist’s work (that case finally reached its conclusion just recently). However, before cries of hypocrisy are screamed out by you in our reading public, the O’Keeffe Museum looks like they’re doing everything right, deaccessioning the piece in order to ‘augment and flesh out’ the museum’s collection when they become available,” reports the Sante Fe New Mexican. In these times of “sell off a couple to help pay the bills,” other museums, including the Fisk, should take note of this fine example. The paper reports that Canna is expected to fetch somewhere between $1.2 and $1.8 million, today at Christie’s in New York.