George With George

Mr. Stephanopoulos is having lunch with the president today.

    One of the best perks that come with a Sunday morning gig is the chance to have lunch with the President on the days of primetime national speeches. (And it’s not just because of the awesome White House food — the main course at the last lunch was veal with lobster hollandaise.) These 1.5 to 2-hour sessions -– in which there’s about 10 of us (the evening news and Sunday show anchors) around the table with the President and the Vice President — can be incredibly illuminating. Yes, the president is never really off stage. Yes, he’s giving us his talking points. But the chance to hear him explain his policies, and to have a conversation, to see his expressions close up, to get the occasional off-the-record nugget that can be used to pursue other stories, is invaluable.