George Will Thinks Your Penis Is Tiny | Do You Believe In Monsters? | Some Kid Is Showing Off

Newsweek: George Will thinks men are all immature and he really hates Dave & Buster’s. Also? He wants your mom to see this picture (above). He says she’ll know what he means?

Barrons: Monster Worldwide’s stock is up now that rumors are flying that the company may be bought by News Corp. But is it feisty?

Jackson Murhpy: Eleven-year-old Jackson Murphy is the youngest person to be nominated for a NY Emmy. Jackson hosts “Lights-Camera-Jackson,” a local series that provides movie reviews for children. Whatever. I’m still taller. Probably.

Agency Spy: Which agency is monitoring you as you read this? First person with the correct answer is probably fired.

Politico: Slate blogger Mickey Kaus says he plans to run in the California Senate primary. His goal is to get attacked. And maybe score some In-N-Out. From groupies. Animal Style.

eBookNewswer: Celebrate Dr Seuss’ birthday with an iPhone app. Don’t have an iPhone? Have a special friend get you one. Oh, the places you’ll blow.

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