George W. Bush Promoting Memoir In Live Facebook Chat

George W. Bush has plenty of fans who like his plans to do a question-and-answer livestream on Facebook today at 2 pm PST.

Apparently, George W. Bush still has plenty of fans and they really like his plans to do a question-and-answer livestream on Facebook today at 2 pm PST.

During the first ten minutes after Facebook posting an announcement about the former president’s appearance 1,676 people clicked “like” on the post. That was yesterday. Today, as of this writing, we count 7,504 likes, 2,741 comments and 1,853 people who’ve said they will tune in this afternoon.

The announcement mentions that Bush will discuss his new memoir, Decision Points. I think taking his book tour onto Facebook is very strategic, given how some voter polls had called him the most disliked U.S. president in history.

Facebook provides insulation from anyone who might want to throw a shoe, while still maximizing public exposure. The webcams could be aimed so that viewers can’t see whether the former president is reading scripted answers. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush’s publicists at least asked whether they could filter the comments or questions that come in during the chat. Often heckling comments get posted in significant quantities during livestreams on the social network, but the pace of these posts tends to limit the visibility of critical remarks.

His announced appearance on Facebook seems kind of last minute, as if his promoters waiting until he landed in the number one spot on the New York Times’ nonfiction bestseller list before risking an appearance on Facebook.

Dubya’s book tour does seem more restrained than his predecessors. It looks like he’s talking to the media and visiting places where he has supporters, but not going to as many destinations as his predecessors did when promoting their memoirs.

Readers, what do you make of Bush’s choice to promote his book on Facebook? Will you tune in to the question-and-answer session?