George Miller Brings the AIA Presidency Back to New York


‘Tis a good week for New York City this week (and not just because the two of us are here right now). It’s been announced that, for the first time in more than thirty years, there will be a New York-based president of the American Institute of Architects. And that person is George H. Miller, who will hold his current title of vice-president for another two years, then assume the presidency in 2010. He’s the first NY-based president since 1971, back when Max Urbahn was in the role. Here’s a bit:

His platform as AIA president includes an aggressive push toward sustainable design, energy conservation, and carbon reduction, as well as a focus on affordable housing, comprehensive regional planning, and public transportation.

“I am interested in elevating the voice of architects, and celebrating the importance of quality design in our communities, much as we have done through our own Center for Architecture,” Miller told [The Architect’s Newspaper]. “The Institute’s strategic initiatives for sustainable design and carbon reduction will be an important focus, as will the support of our young and emerging architects.”

For more on Miller and his qualifications for such a job, we encourage you to spend the next three and a half hours looking over his book of a resume.