George Lopez Rocks the Razzies

Late night talk show host George Lopez may have been joking when he announced just before Christmas on Good Day LA that he was planning to run for mayor of Los Angeles. But he is most definitely a top write-in candidate for the 2010 Razzie Awards.

Per our friends at The Envelope, Lopez has been short-listed in the Worst Supporting Actor category for three different performances: Marmaduke, The Spy Next Door and Valentine’s Day (pictured). In fairness, Lopez provided only a voice for the bow-wow comic strip adaptation, but his other two Razzie choices are live action legit.

Unlike Jay Leno, who gratefully stopped appearing in clunkers such as 1989’s Collision Course, Lopez continues to act up a storm. On tap for 2011, besides the Razzies, are Beverly Hills Chihuaha 2, The Smurfs, Rio and possibly filming of The Skank Robbers.

Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry did themselves a great PR favor by appearing in person to accept their Razzie Awards. We strongly urge Lopez to do the same, should he be unlucky enough to beat out category rival Mickey Rourke (Iron Man 2).