George H. W. Bush Yahoo!ed More than Anthony Weiner

Sometimes you think you know a country, and then -Wham! -they go and do something that surprises you. Yahoo! has released their list of Top Most Searched Politicos of 2013 and the results are, well, actually rather obvious for the most part. The big surprise though is that despite sending nakey pics of himself (We here at FishbowlDC refuse to use the word “selfie” because it’s gross, like “panties.” Ew.) and running a hilarious art project of a mayoral campaign, Anthony Weiner is only at number 7. Meanwhile, octogenarian and inveterate sky diver George H. W. Bush, who has never sent anyone nakey pics of himself -THAT WE KNOW OF, is at number 4.

What gives America? What happened to the salacious, cock-pic hungry country I knew and loved? What could possibly be so interesting about Bush Sr. that he would occupy more of your search engine time than a real live walking full frontal train wreck? Even GHWB dying would be completely unsurprising and probably very boring -unless, of course, he died while sky diving…Now this ain’t Google we’re talking about here, so this list is by no means the definitive Most Searched list, but still -it’s weird.

Rounding out the top five most Yahooed politicians were little-known Chicago community organizer Barack Obama at number 1, not-dead-yet global hero Nelson Mandela at number 2, Martin Bashir’s favorite mistake, Sarah Palin, at number 3, and some lady named Hillary Clinton at number 5. Full list posted after the jump!

Top-Searched Political Figures on Yahoo 2013:

  1. barack obama
  2. nelson mandela
  3. sarah palin
  4. george h. w. bush
  5. hillary clinton
  6. ted cruz
  7. anthony weiner
  8. fidel castro
  9. kim jong un
  10. rand paul