George Condo’s Kanye West Album Cover Paintings, Now in Scarf Form

Remember last fall when the master of stirring up controversy, Kanye West, stirred up some controversy with a Twitter posting of the “banned” cover of his latest album, featuring illustrations by artist George Condo? Ultimately, the marketplace won out and a more demure cover was used in the widespread release of the album, instead of the different images Condo had painted for what was originally intended to be five separate covers. That brief controversy over, it only made sense, now months later, to release those collaborative paintings as…silk scarves. Starting this morning and likely ending this morning, M/M Paris will sell a very limited edition collection of 5 scarves, featuring Condo’s paintings from the album, offering only 50 of each design for sale at the going price of 250€. Here’s a selection of the florid language used in quite possibly our favorite press release of all time (pdf):

Playing with the many possibilities of combining the paintings and the frames, M/M (Paris) and Kanye West wanted to find a luxurious expression of their creative efforts — and decided to use the most striking combinations and transform them into voluptuous silk scarves.

…The combination of this luxurious visual language over the traditional Twill de Soie is the ultimate celebration of the magically ornamented sounds of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.