George Clooney Went From Gorgeous Playboy to Gorgeous, Devoted Hubby With One Speech

George and Amal Clooney are everything.

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The Internet is littered with story after story recapping all the goings-on at last night’s Golden Globes. From the red carpet to the always-great stand up from our imaginary friends Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, it’s all been sliced and diced with varying opinions conveyed.

Varying except for one thing: Everyone loved George Clooney’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award.

There’s never been any doubt (at least on my end) that George Clooney loves loves loves his wife Amal. Quite frankly, who doesn’t love Amal Alamuddin Clooney? She’s accomplished, she does work that makes an impact on the world, she’s sophisticated and gorgeous. Tina and Amy pretty well summed it up.



Not much there not to like. But outside of their dreamy looking Italian wedding, the couple has been pretty private.

Then last night, Clooney came out and said words that literally had everyone sitting in the audience whip their heads around to look at Amal. Like, “Did you hear what George just said about you??!” It was romantic and lovely and charming and moving. They were the words of a man who wasn’t just in love with his wife, but who respects her immensely and is truly happy that they’re married.

So there goes that whole “rascally playboy” reputation. The Today show has a few great responses, but we’re going to call out this one.


The New York Post did a joking/kind of gross story about how Leonardo DiCaprio, last seen with a bevy of models in St. Barts, is the “last true Hollywood swinger.” Which is fine because whatever. George Clooney is only made more attractive by having Amal by his side.

Does this mean that anything about Clooney’s film work has to change? Certainly not. And we wouldn’t expect it to. But these days, fans track their favorite celebs so closely that their lives off-the-clock are just as much a part of their reputation as their work. More in some cases. (Lindsay Lohan would be an example.)

George Clooney’s declaration from the Golden Globes stage last night added a new dimension to him. The silver hair, the coy smile, the suave demeanor, and of course his talent have always been there. But now we have a new depth that is just so sweet. And the two of them tolerating Giuliana Rancic’s blathering is priceless.