George Clooney: The Anti-Paris Hilton, Tina Daunt: The Anti-Us Weekly

30607417.jpgWe’re huge fans of Tina Daunt’s Cause Celebre column, but today’s is particularly good.

Not only does the column give us an excuse to run George Clooney’s gorgeous mug, but it’s a great example of Daunt’s recurring theme of Celebrity As Vehicle For Global Change.

Clooney’s efforts mark a certain coming of age, as the 46-year-old actor/director/screenwriter tries to move beyond the glitter of Hollywood to find his true voice. It also comes with realizing the power — and the limitations — of stardom, knowing when to push and when to hold back.

Clooney has no such reservations about Darfur. “If celebrity is a credit card, then I’m using it,” Clooney said. “I knew I had to shine light on this situation.”

It’s so nice to read this. As opposed to this.