Zócalo Public Square Editor Grumbles About Clooney-Obama ‘Starmageddon’

Joe Mathews is certainly not alone in expressing the sentiment that tonight’s big fundraiser in Studio City for President Obama will cause another needless LA traffic nightmare. But the NBC Southern California blogger and Zócalo Public Square associate editor takes it a step further with this headline taunt – “Starmageddon: Obama Could Make Us Hate Clooney

FishbowlLA thinks it will take something much more cataclysmic for Angelenos to start hating on the Charming-est Man Alive (e.g. like stealing Angelina Jolie away from Brad Pitt). Then again, we’re not planning on being anywhere near the 91604 zip code at rush hour tonight. From Mathews’ Prop Zero post:

It would be one thing if the presidential stop at Clooney’s pad was for a public, governmental purpose. But it’s not. It’s for a fundraiser. When the president and a movie star schedule something like this, they’re demonstrating arrogance: our party and our politics are more important than your life.

Mathews is right about the event’s location. While President Obama probably has twenty good reasons for squeezing in Clooney on a Thursday May 10 rather than say a Sunday May 13, a hotel near LAX would have been a better choice than a multi-million dollar spread… across town… near the 134-101 interchange… and Laurel Canyon Blvd. Conversely, the next time, POTUS should only agree to such a Tinseltown-tinged affair if the host has their own helipad.

[Photo: cinemafestival/Shutterstock.com]