George Bush, strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage, and HuffPo

Here’s something interesting: today playwright Sherman Yellen* has a piece on HuffPo comparing George Bush to great, flawed tragic characters in theater, and finding him wanting even there. Aside from the political point, the piece is notable for its singularity: here’s this unique creative voice applying the lessons and conventions of his universe to what’s happening politically, and it’s an interesting take, and it’s the kind of access that HuffPo still has a lock on. Larry David writes for the NYT as mentioned below once in a blue moon, but if he’s inspired he takes it to the blog; so, too, does Steve Martin, Christopher Durang, Nora Ephron, and, yes, Deepak Chopra, for whom there is an audience (somewhere). It’s just really interesting to see the early promises of HuffPo coming to fruition. Though we still haven’t seen anything from Gwyneth.

Update: I just realized I used the word “interesting” three times in that post. I, clearly, do not have a fresh, interesting take.

NB: Like Ephron’s strudel piece before, David’s piece runs as a teaser but the click-through links to the NYT.

Bush as Bad Theater [HuffPo]

*He’s Yellen like a felon. Sorry, I can’t help myself.