Geoff Manaugh Takes a Walk With Christopher Hawthorne


Architectural futurist and BLDG blogger Geoff Manaugh has abandoned us here in the fair City of Angels for the green design pastures of Dwell. But from time to time, we still get his Los Angeles reflections–like this amazing essay from just a few weeks back–and this weekend’s walk and talk with Christopher Hawthorne (which was actually conducted before he left, but apparently these things take time). Although the story’s short on any “sights and sounds of Culver City” besides a Starbucks and the Sony lot, there are three things we learn about Manaugh:

1. He wanted to be poet (makes sense) and toured with Allen Ginsburg as his opening act (wow).

2. He loves “really dumb things” like the La Brea Tar Pits.

3. His hair used to be bleached blond.