Geodesic Limited HiAchieve Partnership Brings Social Media To Digital Textbooks

Digital education is getting more social. Geodesic Limited, a company that makes instant messaging and VoIP platforms, has partnered with HiAchieve Digital Technology, a Taiwan-based digital learning company services, to embed Geodesic’s Mundu Messenger into HiAchieve’s Android-powered eWonderPad tablet.

The eWonderPad has reading materials, simulated tests, and textbooks, and now with this new partnership, it will include IM as a way to make studying more social. Students can also use the platform to share photos, video clips and audio clips, as well as post to their social networking pages.

David Lin, CTO of HiAchieve Digital Technology had this statement: “IM and social networking are becoming important in all aspects of day-to-day life, including studying. With the addition of Mundu IM to eWonderPad, students can instantly communicate with each other on schoolwork – making the study process collaborative versus solitary. This is truly the next generation of digital learning.”