Gensler Defies Economic Slump, Breaks Ground on ‘China’s Tallest Building’

While Dubai struggles to keep from falling apart, as does nearly every major construction project everywhere else in the world, the firm Gensler is attempting to weather the storm and just broke ground on their Shanghai Tower, a massive giant of a skyscraper that is set to be the tallest building in China. Fortunately, the government is backing the building and have claimed that the financing has long been in place, so all that needs to be done is for everything to stay on task and get built as its supposed to (and on-budget, sure, but when was the last time that happened with a project this big?). We think it looks swell, but keep in mind that ground was broken on Santiago Calatrava‘s Chicago Spire too and look where we are now with that big fella. Here’s a bit:

Located in the Lujiazui section of Pudong, the Shanghai Tower will sit adjacent to the 1,214-foot-tall Jinmao Tower (1998), designed by Adrian Smith during his tenure at SOM, and the just-completed 1,614-foot-tall Shanghai World Financial Center, by William Pedersen of KPF. Shanghai Tower — which will house offices, stores, and a hotel — is the last major part of a master plan for Pudong. The plan, conceived in the 1990s, envisioned three super-tall buildings, each taller than the next, rising next to each other.

And for more info, we highly recommend checking out Gensler’s press release about the building.

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