Gensler and IF Collaborate on “Entourage: The Store”


The HBO SHOP had a soft launch in Times Square over the holidays and informants have just slipped us some top secret shots of the space to share with you. If you’re in NY, you could go see it yourself, but face it, if you’re genuinely interested in a store about TV, you’re lazy.

Gensler and Imaginary Forces created a “virtual television” with plasma monitors, large flat-panel screens and back-painted glass that lure you into the space using glimpses of moving images and shifting colors and light. Yes, it sucks you in just like television. The sliver of a space (750 square feet) sells products and DVDs from HBO’s original programming. Although we so did not ever expect to be able to buy Samantha’s ceiling-mounted sex swing or a life-sized replica of Joey’s severed head complete with bowling ball carrying case.

hboshop2.jpg hboshop3.jpg