Skirt Club Gets Some More Press

Former journalist Genevieve LeJeune's business is BOOM-ing.

Headshot of Richard Horgan

Wednesday Martin, author of the 2016 memoir Primates of Park Avenue, is working on a new book about female sexuality. As part of her immersive research for that project, she recently checked out several events put on by Skirt Club, the women-only sex-parties organization founded in London in 2014 by one-time Bloomberg TV journalist Genevieve LeJeune.

From Martin’s eyewitness report for The Hollywood Reporter:

At the New York party, held May 20 in a downtown duplex with a massive fireplace, a fabulous skyline view and a terrace featuring a huge hot tub, the homeowner-hostess, a buff dirty blonde with butterfly temporary tattoos on her bottom, wore nothing but a harness that exposed her nipples and a G-string. A practitioner of the ancient Japanese art of bondage called shibari gave a demonstration as women who had traveled from Palm Beach, Florida, New Jersey, Brooklyn, and the Upper East and Upper West sides got their cocktail on and listened attentively.

Attendees were a fit, diverse crowd of 50 women in law, finance, journalism, medicine, social work and sex therapy. There was some standard getting-to-know-you awkwardness. But as a fashion designer in leather leggings explained: “There’s none of the stress about what might happen. Everyone is here because she wants to have sex.” New Yorkers do love to save time.

Martin was taken aback by the activities that took place in several different rooms after a game of body shots. ‘I had never seen human females got at it like this—uninhibited, unapologetic and uncensored…’ The author also writes about a subsequent Skirt Club party held in downtown Los Angeles June 3, which she also attended.

LeJeune’s growing enterprise is regularly profiled. A new chapter was recently opened in San Francisco, prompting coverage from Pop Sugar assistant editor Nicole Yi and Breena Kerr for Rolling Stone. Skirt Club gatherings are relatively small, ranging from around 30 to 70 participants.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.