General Electric’s First Snapchat Is One Small Step for Brand Kind

Exploring the next social frontier

General Electric is blasting off on Snapchat.

The industrial giant is sending out fun drawings that depict space travel while hinting at a marketing play that could tie into tomorrow's 45th anniversary of the moon landing. The messages represent its first "snaps"—which is the platform's vernacular for disappearing digital messages—while joining a growing list of brands that use the service to chat with fans.

GE is known for its social-media prowess, active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The Fairfield, Conn.-based company was one of Instagram’s early brand partners when it started selling sponsored posts last year.

Other brands to jump on Snapchat include the National Basketball Association, IHOP and Audi; such marketers share photos, videos and messages with their followers on the social-mobile app. Snapchat, founded three years ago, counts more photos shared daily than Facebook and Instagram combined, according to a recent report from venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

GE's Snapchat account name is "generalelectric."

Also, Snapchat added new features today that point to another way for brands to appear on the platform. The app now offers location-based filters that people put on their photos. The filters show the logos of stores and restaurants visited by Snapchat users.