What’s Weingarten Writing?

Last week was TORTURE! Gene Weingarten, our favorite “humorist” from WaPo was on vacation leaving us with a “Best Of” column. Have no fear! Our Pulitzer Prize-winning Putz is back in action with a new piece. Actually, I SAY that it’s a new column, but Gene is clearly having a hard time getting back in the saddle because he outsources his piece to comedienne Gina Barreca. They spend the entire piece dissecting Mitt Romney’s recent loss in the Presidential election. Months ago, Barreca predicted that women would have a hard time voting for Romney because he creeps them out.

Unlike Gene, Gina is genuinely funny, so I don’t have a real problem with this. But, is Gene really going to collect a paycheck for this piece? The whole thing is material from Barreca. Don’t believe me? The numbers do not lie…

In the entire piece, Weingarten only contributes 143 words, and most of those come when he introduces Barreca to set up the piece. Take those away, and he only wrote 68 measly words. Here’s a riveting example of Gene’s questioning “technique.”


Gina: Yep, he is the guy your mom sets you up with. He looks fine on paper. And he cleans up real good. When he’s wearing a tux, no one would mistake him for a waiter. And he’s solid. You’ll never get called up in the middle of the night because he’s drunk. So, yeah, Ma approves. And you go out with him, and then you have to spend an agonizing hour trying to explain to her why it didn’t work and never will, and she is disappointed in you, and you cry. I would sooner go out with Gilbert Gottfried.

Gene: Wow.

Gina: Danny DeVito.Alan Greenspan.Flounder, from “Animal House.” Marcus Bachmann,Michele’s verrry suspiciously gay-hating husband, who at least would dance with me. I would sooner go out with Mr. Dithers, Dagwood’s boss. I’d sooner work for Mr. Dithers.

See what he did there? He lets his guests make all the jokes and then interjects with A SINGLE WORD as if he is conducting an interview! Nice work if you can get it. Can someone take a bone saw over to Weingarten’s house to crack that Pulitzer Prize in half? Barreca deserves it.