WaPo’s Weingarten Gets Hate Mail

A recent piece from WaPo’s Gene Weingarten did not go over very well with a reader. Dave Starling, from Ashburn, took time to write into WaPo about this piece, which mocked the way Southerners speak. They ran this Letter to the Editor.

“I am deeply offended by Gene Weingarten’s Magazine column mocking Southern speech [“The trial,” Oct. 21]. The only purpose of this column was to make fun of Southerners such as myself.

The Post may consider it politically correct to mock Southerners, but I do not. Weingarten owes all Southerners an apology, and The Post owes its readers an apology for publishing such offensive tripe. As an online commenter noted of the column, you wouldn’t publish anything similar mocking the speech of African Americans, Native Americans, Mexican immigrants or any number of other groups. Why do you publish this garbage mocking Southern Americans?”

You might not believe this, but we actually have Gene’s back on this one. Speaking as a reluctant Southerner myself, Gene’s right. Southerners do talk funny. So do people from New York, Boston, Baltimore and Minnisowwta. It’s not like he said that all Southerners are inbred racists who drive pick-em-up trucks and wave the Confederate flag. They just tend to talk differently than we do.

Remember, Dave in Ashburn, it is our differences that make us the same. So, don’t get offended. Lighten up!



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