Gene Weingarten Plays Grammar Police

We’ll take a break from examining the weekly ramblings in Gene Weingarten’s column for WaPo to look at his Twitter feed. When we checked in on him, we were VERY upset to learn that Gene has changed his Twitter pic from a piece of poop to the picture on the right. It’s a cartoon caricature of Gene Shalit Weingarten on the cover of GQ magazine.

After recovering from the trauma of seeing a poopless Weingarten, we found that he’s using Twitter to play grammar police to fellow journalists. On Monday he went after HuffPost’s Elise Foley because of her Twitter bio. It says, “Politics and immigration reporter for HuffPost. Jessica Alba tweeted one of my articles once–it’s all been downhill from there.”

What’s wrong with that?

Weingarten tweeted at Foley to say, “Do you mean your life has been worse or better since the Albatweet? (Like albatross). If u mean worse, change it to “uphill.” Foley retweeted the comment and replied, “I meant worse, although that’s a lie.” Deciding to FULLY embrace his role as Twitter police, Weingarten decrees, “I shall give consideration to this and report back shortly.” I’m sure Foley really appreciates the concern, Gene.

Because Twitter is such a bizarre place, Foley got some advice from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about. Jon Danziger, writer, professor and researcher for the Oxford English Dictionary, tweeted to her to say that she was in the clear and using the phrase properly. So far, Weingarten hasn’t chimed in on the update.