Gene Simmons: Your Logo Sucks

KISS’s own Gene Simmons has formed a marketing partnership. The client: the Indy Racing League, (and that means the Indy 500). And why not? KISS has sold 70 million albums worldwide and has 24 gold and 10 platinum records, as well as having 2,500 licensed products, including postage stamps and condoms. His duties include giving them some much-needed advice

Your logo sucks

He’s written a theme song, too I Am Indy. and he’s committed to selling the Indy car brand:

In essence what we’re doing is making Indy cool. It’s cooler than Nascar and Formula 1 for one very simple reason: It’s faster. These are the fastest cars on earth. So that makes our jobs easier.

A KISS paint job would be cool, too.