Gene Simmons: You Show Me Your Trademark and I’ll Show You Mine

Gene Simmons used his new reality show to intro his son’s band, Nick Simmons and The Electric Chairs. But as RuPaul points out, that name’s taken. Taken hard, by Jayne County and the Electric Chairs since 1978.

Jayne can’t catch a break, as her other band, Wayne (Jayne) County & the Backstreet Boys, lost that name in 1981.

Gene claims that if there’s name isn’t trademarked, it’s fair game.

Gene knows full well who Jayne is, as KISS opened for her when she was Wayne County in 1973, and according to one account, may have been inspired by Wayne/Jayne’s tongue action. Also not trademarked, no doubt.

Gene’s site displays this:

© 2005, LLC, all rights reserved. GENE SIMMONS is a registered trademark of Gene Simmons and KISS and the facial makeup of the KISS band members are registered trademarks of KISS Catalog, Ltd., all rights reserved.

Moral: Rockers plan ahead, punks never do.

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