Gene Hackman Details the Spousal Connection

At age 84, Gene Hackman is happily writing away in Santa Fe. The actor-turned-painter-turned-novelist doesn’t do very many interviews, but Yahoo Entertainment features editor Richard Rushfield was lucky enough to land a recent phoner, in support of Hackman’s latest fall 2013 novel Pursuit.

Hackman explained that it takes him upwards of a year to write each book and that this process encompasses two or three professional edits. The San Bernadino, CA native also touched on the critical collaborative role played by his wife Betsy Arakawa:

“I have a little office, you might call it. It’s just a writing desk and a pretty comfortable chair. I write longhand and I go back and I go over it I don’t know how many times and I hand it to the professor and she types it up. Then we go over it a number of times and get a little bit of a critique from her and like that.”

Hackman also relied on Arakawa’s guidance to help fashion Pursuit’s female protagonist Sergeant Julie Worth of the Missouri State Patrol. Read the rest of the Yahoo Q&A here.

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