Gene Better Update His Bio

During the introduction to Gene Weingarten yesterday at the Post/Pulitzer ceremonny, Bennett/Downie (we’re fuzzy on the details) referenced the line in Gene’s staff bio noting that he’s never won a Pulitzer.

Well, the staff bio deserves an update, but as of this writing, it’s still pre-“Weing-oly Crap, Gene Weingarten won a Pulitzer!”:

    Came to The Post in August 1990 from The Miami Herald, where he had served for five years as editor of the Sunday magazine, Tropic. He will forever be known as The Man Who Discovered Dave Barry. Weingarten found Barry jerking sodas at Schwab’s Drug Store in Hollywood, California, and the rest is history: As Weingarten watched with pride and pleasure, his friend and protege rose to national and then global stardom, so wealthy he purchased yachts as though they were new dresses, refusing to use them in public more than once. Eventually Weingarten was so filled with pride and pleasure that he attempted to throw himself off the roof of The Miami Herald building.
    Weingarten grew up in the South Bronx. He dropped out of NYU in his senior year, three credits shy of a degree, to live with a teenage Puerto Rican street gang. This became a cover story in New York magazine and a source of lifelong heartache for his parents, inasmuch as he did not return to college. Technically, however, he is an alumnus of Harvard University, having earned a Nieman fellowship there in 1987-88 by fulfilling the grueling academic requirement of remaining alive for the entire year.

    Weingarten has never won the Pulitzer Prize.

    He lives in Washington with his wife, Arlene Reidy. He has two kids and Harry, an old dog who will probably be dead by the time you read this.