Gen Z’s Influence on Purchases; The Good Place’s Final Hurrah: Thursday’s First Things First

Plus, Juul stops advertising

Ted Danson spoke with Adweek to talk about the fourth and final season of The Good Place.

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Gen Z Has Serious Influence on Household Purchases

Whether it be reviving 90s trends or leading the climate strikes, Gen Z is if nothing else influential. But when it comes to spending power, just how influential is the up and coming generation? Turns out Gen Z has serious influence on household purchases, even if they aren’t buying. According to a report, Gen Z’s total spending influence is $1.2 trillion. Marketers, you may want to take note.

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Juul Halts Most U.S. Advertising After Spending $104 Million in First Half of 2019

After Juul’s ad spend skyrocketed in the first half of this year, the vaping brand’s advertising efforts in the U.S. came to a screeching half. A number of factors are at play here:

  • Teen vaping levels keep rising
  • There’s been a mysterious vaping-related illness
  • CBS, WarnerMedia and Viacom all announced a decision to drop all e-cigarette advertising
  • The company has a new CEO.

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Ted Danson Says Farewell to The Good Place

The fourth and final season of TV’s only sitcom that will leave you questioning the ethics of every decision you’ve ever made premieres tonight. Ahead of The Good Place’s debut, TV/media editor Jason Lynch spoke with Ted Danson about the show, his next gig and his career. Here’s Danson on the finale:

“The emotional path of all the characters was incredibly satisfying, and on a more spiritual universe level, it was incredibly satisfying. I really loved the last few episodes. I thought they were just brilliant.”

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Who Doesn’t Want to Be Verified on Instagram?

Let’s face it. We all want that blue checkmark on Instagram so we can get access to those sweet, sweet swipe ups. If you’re tired of waiting for Instagram to review your application, we’ve got a five-step alternative process.

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Just Briefly: The Rest of Today’s Top Insights and News

Ad of the Day: An AI Created This Portrait of Hunger in America by Analyzing 1,000 People in Need

Relief group Feeding America teamed up with agency Leo Burnett and the Ad Council to create a virtual visage based on the faces of 1,000 hunger-afflicted Americans. These photos reflected the actual demographics seen in USDA food security data.

Career Tip: 3 Tips for Being an Inspirational Manager 

Meghan Patrick-Crane, associate director, talent development at Firewood, one of Adweek’s 100 Fastest Growing Agencies, explains how you can inspire your employees.

1. Share your expertise, don’t guard it.

You’re in this position for a reason. You have a talent, an expertise, a value.  It’s easy to think that guarding that expertise can make you even more valuable, but as a manager your objective is to help inspire and develop the people who work for you. That means sharing what you know so those on your team can grow.

2. Know your impact.

As a manager, you’re also a leader. Your actions in all areas of the workplace—client meetings, offsites, internal meetings, kitchen conversations—hold more weight than they did before, so self-awareness is important. Your employees are looking to you to set a positive example.

3. Trust your people.

Part of your role is delegating work. This can be one of the hardest things for a new manager because of our natural fear of losing control. Trusting your team is empowering. Doing so can help your team rise to a challenge and feel valued. It can also give them space to make mistakes and learn. Trust them to receive the feedback they need to grow. And most importantly, be brave enough to give it.

Workplace Tip: How to Create a Successful Podcast

Be patient. Be original. Be ready to adapt. Adweek surveyed a number of podcast experts to learn the secrets of making a great podcast.


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