Gen Arts Acquired and Revived by Publishing Company Sandow Media


Just a few months shy of a year ago, the “film, fashion, art and music” events company Gen Art, suddenly announced that, after 16 years of operation, its money had run out and they were shutting down immediately. So quickly did it fold that it reportedly left a large number of exhibitors without refunds for the fees they’d paid up front for future shows. But as we’ve learned from companies like Polaroid, it’s hard to let a familiar brand die. A statement has been released from Sandow Media, who owns a number of magazines, including Worth, Luxe Interiors + Design and Interior Design, saying that the publishing company has acquired Gen Art and have plans to relaunch it this May, reviving the organization’s now-16 year old film festival in New York. So far as the announcement goes, it appears that the founders of Gen Art, brothers Ian and Stefan Gerard will not be returning to run the company, instead acting as advisers on the re-launch. Longtime executives within the recently-folded company, Elizabeth Shaffer and Jeffrey Abramson, will serve as co-presidents. Here’s from Sandow’s CEO, Adam I. Sandow, commenting on the acquisition:

“Gen Art is a unique organization that understands the value of experiential marketing and uses this expertise to support emerging talent by introducing them to a savvy consumer audience. Marc Lotenberg, Founder & President of 944 magazine, introduced me to Gen Art and his passion and support for the organization was instrumental in orchestrating this acquisition. I immediately recognized that Gen Art’s innovative approach was a perfect fit for our organization. Sandow Media is thrilled to work with Elizabeth and Jeffrey as they lead Gen Art into the next chapter.”