Geithner: He’s “Practically Elfin”

As alerted to us by MSNBC’s “First Read, First Thoughts”, The Atlantic’s senior editor Josh Green describes Treasury Sec. Timothy Geithner’s looks in painstaking detail: “He lacks the fully realized public persona most government officials develop by the time they’re chosen for important Cabinet positions. He doesn’t look like a Treasury secretary. He lacks presence. He’s trim and small, practically elfin, and, at 48, young for the job (he looks even younger).”

Green writes about little people be they Democrat or Republican. In January, he described a gathering of GOP Gov. Robert McDonnell called “Mini-me McDonnell”. He wrote, “Maybe it’s the beer, but there’s something about the tiny, tiny venue and audience that strikes me as hilarious. Doll-house like. Like he’s speaking to a gathering of Lilliputians.”

Green began his journalism career as an editor at The Onion.

Read Green’s entire piece here.

The photograph below gives us a sense of Geithner’s “elfin” size as Christine Lagarde, France’s Finance Minister looms over him.