GeekWire Shoots Down the Idea of ‘Microsoft Square Garden’

MSG-Network1The Bay Area correspondent for Seattle website GeekWire has spoken. After reading today’s TheStreet op ed by contributor Jonathan Yates, Blair Hanley Frank rifled off an angry response:

So wait, let me get this straight: buying Madison Square Garden, for whatever exorbitant sum that might cost, is a good idea because it keeps Microsoft from buying a tech company?

The way Yates sees it, Microsoft made a bad deal in 2007 [for aQuantitative], so it should spend money on a sports stadium. Really.

As the first GeekWire article comment hints, there is one key aspect of this whole matter that both Yates and Frank failed to properly touch on. Namely, that MSG has until 2023 to find a new home for Madison Square Garden, most likely not in the “cool” Manhattan that Yates writes about.