Opts Into $1.5 Million in Financing

Since opening its doors in October 2009, LA-based has quickly harnessed the powerful combo of niche marketing and opt-in e-mail subscribers. In this case, the focus is on geeky pop culture movies, games, toys and more.

Today, the official press release went out confirming a new infusion of $1.5 million in cash, led by former Revolution Studios head honcho Joe Roth and Seattle venture capitalist Mike Slade. The money, it is said, will go towards infrastructure, marketing and “brand extension.”

Presumably, the money will also help solidify the tonge-in-cheek GeekChic M.O. Today’s highlighted item, under the category of “Toys,” links to a collectible based on the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey.

The “Space Monolith Action Figure” (pictured) is a small (0.75″ x 3″ X 6.75″) plastic version of the big black block framed in the movie by Stanley Kubrick. It seems at first like a joke, but the price tag apparently is $12.99. Warns ThinkGeek: “Astronaut in the photo is not included. He’s ours. Get your own.”