Geek Monthly Folded?

We got a tip today that, from the looks of it, Geek Monthly has folded.

A quick look at the magazine’s Web site (which hasn’t had any updates since last month that we can tell) and its Facebook page, where subscribers are complaining about not having received issues for months, seem to confirm our tipster’s suspicions.

Our calls and emails to the magazine’s customer service department and its publisher, Fusion Publishing, have not yet been returned, and the publisher’s site shows no reference to Geek Monthly at all. So what has happened to the pub?

Editor-in-chief Jeff Bond told last year that the magazine “launched October 2006 under CFQ Media as a geek lifestyle magazine, which was something that really didn’t exist in print at that point.” It switched publishers to Fusion in 2007.

If you have any more info about Geek Monthly, drop us a line. We’ll keep you posted if any more details about this mysterious magazine disappearance arise.

Geek Monthly‘s Facebook page