Gear Up For Grilling Season With The Omaha Steak App

The U.S. Memorial Day holiday is only three days away, and for many it marks the beginning of summer and related activities like grilling. Omaha Steak has released apps for the iPhone and Android phones that provides a ton of information useful for grilling steak.

When you start the Steak Time app from Omaha Steaks, you see a home screen with four options, Recipes, Timer, Steak 101, and Connect. Hundreds of recipes are provided, and each recipe has a button that you can tap to add the ingredients to a shopping list. Of course, the recipes feature Omaha Steaks, and there is a shopping option to order steaks. You have the ability to share the recipes via email, Twitter, and Facebook. What is shared is a blurb for the recipe, pointed out as being from Omaha Steaks, with the shortend URL to the recipe.

Timer is a customized stop watch, tailored to the thickness of the steak and its preferred doneness. Audible alerts are provided to prompt you to flip the steak, and you can create multiple timers to run at the same time if you are cooking multiple steaks. Steak 101 has instructional material for cooking steak that includes how-to videos, steak cooking charts, and nutritional information.

Finally, Connect provides options to contact Omaha Steaks, including following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook. Connect also includes a conversation cards game that provides different questions for you to pose to your dinner party. The Steak Time app is free and available in the Android Market and iTunes App Store.