GE and Jimmy Fallon Show You Their GIFs

Here’s an interesting little case study that combines three things we like: sponsored content, social media and real-time marketing.

General Electric is all about invention, right? So the company encouraged fans and followers to submit their own great ideas using the hashtag #SomeoneShouldInvent and created customized GIFs of their favorites.

On to the sponsored part, which features Jimmy Fallon and a bunch of adorable kids (come on, you have to click)…

In addition to sponsoring the segment, GE also turned those kids’ ideas into GIFs. Here’s one that looks cool, though we have to point out that a pizza is not a peanut butter sandwich, people.

Pizza cruster

…and on the real-time engagement front:

Now, we don’t want to fall over ourselves telling you how awesome this campaign is, but we can all agree that it made for a cool way to reach several different audiences at once.

And for those who still can’t nail down a good definition of the word “engagement”, it makes for a nice case study.