GazoPa Searches Faceook Images

GazoPa, the image match search, has just announced its new Facebook application enabling you to search photos on the social network based on similarity attributions. A venture project launched by Hitachi, GazoPa is still in private beta and requires an invite code to test out the service.

As an image match search, GazoPa lets you search for images based on keyword, photos you’ve uploaded, or basic images you’ve drawn directly on GazoPa’s site. GazoPa will find similar images based on color and shape, among other things.

The new Facebook app layers in a whole new realm of searchable content for GazoPa, and ties in a bit of social perspective to GazoPa’s existing search functionality. As youll be able to search your images and the images as friends based on similarities to your image of interest, GazoPa taps into a large social graph for the provision of visual media.

As other public Facebook photos can also be accessed, a similarity search for images can also allow you to connect with other Facebook users that share a common interest. I imagine such leveraging of Facebook images for finding new users to connect with would be best used for travel and event purposes, as anything people-related is likely to be more personal and accessible through one’s imediate social graph. What may be most enticing about GazoPa’s Facebook application is that it brings search function to an aspect of Facebook that isn’t easily utilized on Facebook itself.

Searching for photos based on keyword or username isn’t really an option and until Facebook adds native search capabilities, a third party service like GazoPa may be a welcome releif. In the same way Xoopit makes image and file search easier for your Gmail inbox, GazoPa is hoping to make image search on Facebook a relative breeze.

So far, syncing your Facebook account with GazoPa seems to be an elusive task, so I’m unable to appreciate the new application’s full potential. If you’ve gotten a chance to try it out, feel free to let us know what you think of it in the comments below. Need an invite to GazoPa? Request one here.