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Following two landmark Supreme Court decisions this morning, gay marriage will be recognized on a federal level in the United States, allowing thousands of same-sex couples to marry in a number of states around the country.

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With all these new weddings, there are plenty of wedding planning apps and gay marriage resources as well. We’ve listed a few of the apps below.

The Gay Wedding Institute published a report today analyzing the effects of these two Supreme Court cases on the wedding industry:

Soon (date TBD) once again, same-sex couples can legally marry in California. Equality will be restored and the gay weddings can resume! Amazing. The other good news is that SCOTUS overturned the federal portion of DOMA. This does not mean that gay marriage is legal nationally. What it does mean is that same-sex marriage will be recognized by the federal government, giving same-sex couples the 1100+ rights that married straight couples get, rights such as social security benefits, Family Medical Leave Act, tax benefits, and many more. Keep in mind that the state portion of DOMA was not challenged. This means that a same-sex couple from Texas who marry in New York will still not be seen as legally married by the state of Texas. So while it’s not full equality, those federal benefits are significant.

Gay Wedding Planning Apps

1. Gay Wedding Confidential (iOS): “Gay wedding planning app for same-sex weddings. This LGBT wedding planner features a photo gallery, information on the states where gay marriage is legal, a pre-screened gay-friendly wedding vendor directory, an expert advice blog, gay wedding planning tips and much more.”

2. Gay Marriage in the US (iOS): “Oh My Gay Stars brings you an easy and attractive way to display a list of states that have legalized same sex marriage in the U.S. The app is simply an image of the flag of the United States. Based on the premise that the 50 stars of the flag represent the 50 states, the app will only display a star for each state that allows for gay marriage.”

3. iPropose (iOS): “Need to pop that special question, but not sure how to do it? Install the iPropose application on his iPhone or iPod Touch and leave the screen with just the ring icon showing. If he clicks yes, you’ll hear cheers. If he clicks no, he’ll hear the sobbing of your broken heart. This is a fun and light hearted way of proposing, it’s not intended as substituion for romance!

4. GAY Marriage NOW (Google Play): This App makes it easy for you to stay informed about gay marriage and keep on the pulse of the latest news, laws, rights and conversation about gay marriage in the United States.

5. Gay Marriage News (Google Play): “Celebrate your relationship with other gay couples from around the World. Upload a photo of you and your significant other to our Worldwide Gallery and show your Pride. Show your commitment to equal rights to all humans!”

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