Whole Foods Says Cake With Alleged Gay Slur Is Fake

Someone is lying their organic pants off here.

Sounds like a reality TV show, right?

Here’s the story: Jordan Brown is an openly gay pastor who oversees the Church of Open Doors in Austin, Texas.

To celebrate his birthday, he went to his local Whole Foods grocer to purchase a cake. What he apparently found on the icing wasn’t what he ordered. In fact, it was a vile homophobic slur seen here.

Of course, by taking it to Twitter, it didn’t take long to make the rounds. That was followed by the inexorable lawsuit, as noted in a press conference featuring Brown and his lawyer Austin Kaplan.

Whole Foods put out a statement but wasn’t quite content with that. And so… they are countersuing the pastor. To make things worse for the pastor, the grocer released its security footage video (below) from its North Lamar Boulevard flagship store in Austin because it says the tape completely obliterates claims the baker included the slur on the “Love Wins” cake he ordered.

“That’s exactly how the cake was packaged and sold at the store,” the company said. “Whole Foods Market has a strict policy that prohibits team members from accepting or designing bakery orders that include language or images that are offensive.”

Aside from that, no one is that completely stupid, Pastor. Well, at least not at Whole Foods with cameras everywhere.