Relationship Expert Co-Authors Buddhist Detective Novel

After nearly three dozen non-fiction books with titles like Conscious Loving and The Big Leap, many co-written with his wife Kathlyn, Ojai based psychologist Gay Hendricks (pictured) is boldly venturing into the realm of fiction. Together with screenwriter Tinker Lindsay, he has crafted The First Rule of Ten.

Set for January 2012 release, the mystery novel will also herald the launch of a new fiction line from self-help publisher Hay House. The gist of Hendricks’ foray into the depths of a fictional (rather than factual) human mind are going to be hard for many readers to resist.

Protagonist Ten is a spiritual crime solver who relies on his upbringing in a Tibetan monastery to help guide him as a detective on the streets of LA. While this new literary direction may seem like a strange one for Hendricks, it actually brings him back in line with some pre-Ph.D. aspirations.

“When I was a teenager, I loved to read the adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” he explains. “I read so many of them that my English teacher started calling me Sherlock. I decided that someday I would write a mystery novel of my own, and try to create a hero as interesting as Sherlock. Our detective, Ten, is my idea of a hero for our times, a person who can make his spirituality come alive in the real world of crime and intrigue.”