Gawkk Re-establishes as a Twitter for Video

For awhile a I thought Gawkk which we featured not so long ago, with a tagline that says – collect and share video with friends is different from Gawkk with a tagline – share videos with friends. But then they are actually one and the same. And what’s the difference? Well, Gawkk has just added a facility for members to describe what videos they are sharing with a 140-character or less statement. Sounds familiar?
Previously Gawkk gives you your own video channel which you can use to embed online videos and share them with your friends and other Gawkk members. Gawkk does not give you a storage space where you can upload your own video content. It was a social video sharing site back then, and it is still a social video sharing up to now, with some added features.

And those features include, the addition of a comment box above the video you embedded describing in 140 characters or less what the video is all about. Then Gawkk also added a “Like” button similar to the “Like” feature of Facebook. It also broadcasts what you have marked as “Likes” to your followers. Yes, Gawkk has the “follow/followers” feature similar to Twitter. You can also send links to videos you’ve encountered on the Gawkk home page including your comments to those videos. You can also follow other Gawkk users. And all of your activities on Gawkk will become part of your Gawkk activity stream.
If Twitter is asking you “What are you doing”, Gawkk is asking – “What video are you watching.” When you answer that question, that’s the time when the fun begins.